Region 1 Workforce Development Board

Region 1 Workforce Development Board (R1WDB)

The Region I WDB (also known as the Full Board) was established to design and implement a system to match up the abilities local job seekers are attaining with the skills that local employers want for their businesses. The Region I WDB also approves members that serve on the Youth Committee.

The board consists of individuals from business, community-based organizations, economic development, education, labor, and One-Stop partner agencies. The business sector represents fifty-one percent (51%) of the total R1WDB membership. The board chair is required to be from the business sector. Membership must include individuals from each of the following sectors: community-based, economic development, education, and labor. In addition, each One-Stop partner must be represented on the R1WDB. The Region I WDB has quarterly meetings, which are open to the public.

Executive Committee

The Region I WDB has a subgroup, the Executive Committee, which consists of Full Board members. The Executive Committee meets on a quarterly basis (or monthly if needed).  These meetings are open to the public. The Executive Board was created to act on behalf of the Full Board in addressing issues, which require action, that arise between Full Board meetings.

Local Elected Officials Board

The Region I LEO Board assists in the planning and oversight of all programs and services funded through the Workforce Investment Act (WIOA) of 1998, One-Stop Centers, or other grants. One primary function of the LEO Board is to select members of the Region I Workforce Development Board and Youth Committee.

Currently, thirteen (13) members serve on the Region I LEO Board. The board is comprised of one (1) county commissioner from each of our eleven (11) counties. The two (2) additional members represent the cities within our region with populations over 10,000.

The Region I LEO Board has quarterly meetings, which are open to the public. LEO Board Meetings are normally held on the Wednesday after the R1WDB Board Meeting.  For more information regarding meeting dates, please contact our office @ 304-253-3611.

Youth Committee

The Region I Youth Committee was established to provide guidance in the development of youth policies and to make recommendations to the local board regarding youth matters. The Youth Committee is considered a subgroup to the Region 1 Workforce Development Board. The Region 1 Youth Committee membership is composed of Workforce Development Board members, juvenile justice representation, local public housing authorities, parents of eligible WIOA youth, youth who have or are currently receiving WIOA services, and Job Corps. The Region I Youth Committee has quarterly meetings, which are open to the public. These meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday in July, October, January, and April. For more information regarding meeting dates, please contact our office @ 304-253-3611.